Sunday, March 19, 2017


Yes, i am sure of what i want
What will make me happy
And what, less so
In short i am sure of
My own feelings

Those are the only things
One can be sure of, after all

(And then they go and change on you)


Yea, right ! :P

It always is

It will be simpler
Than the various entangled
Threads of your
Overactive imagination

Our man of the hills

Our man of the hills
Where the bent green bamboo springs back to the sky
with the spring of an unleashed horse
grows thin longing for our love,
like a tethered bull in summertime
not knowing that we are, wasting away
for his sake.

-- tamil poetry, translated by AK Ramanujan

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

thoughts of you

sometimes i cannot sleep
for thoughts of you
and sometimes i cannot wake

Thursday, March 9, 2017


I would like to lose my inhibitions
For after all the body is not
Something to be ashamed of

All these man made embarrassments
Are mere encumberments, i know

But i still don't think
I will be able to wear a bikini
In this lifetime

For the man made embarrassments
Have managed to enter and defile
The sacred spaces of the soul
(Which should be immune to such
Man made things as rules of shame,
But is not)

However i can at least
Try to lose my inhibitions
With you