Tuesday, April 25, 2017

choosing my battles

a wise person once said,
life is short, choose you battles wisely

how long can i stand up
for what I believe in, care about
before I get tired?
before I  get discouraged?
before I am weighed down
by daily life, bread and butter?
before I face the reality
that I cannot win this war alone?

what if I eventually start believing
that the war can never be won?
what if I give up?

will I have let them win?

o henry

he wrote of a girl in white
and a boy who was out
to wreck mischief upon the world
but stopped just because
he saw the girl
who made him feel like
he was made for better things

it is time to reverse the roles, perhaps
and speak of the man
(may or may not be in white)
who makes the girl feel like
the world is an alright place to be
that peace may be found after all
and that she can do better

with you

There were times when
I felt guilty to be happy
because you were
the opposite of happy
and i was not there
to ease your burden

not that i can
ease your burden now
but at least i am
free to grieve with you
And no private happiness
Weighs me down


हुन त अहिले पनि
म कहाँ बाँड्न सक्छु र
तिम्रो मनको बोझ

तर कम्तिमा म छु तिमीसंगै
खुशीको कुनै बोझ छैन
र स्वतन्त्र मेरा भावना
दिन पाएको छु तिमीलाई नै

she is athena

the protector of girlhood
and motherhood
and nothing in between

Sunday, April 23, 2017

that endearing you

that so easily erases
the boundaries between
timi and tapai
tapai and timi

and makes you and me

रुखो बनाएकै छु, धेरै साल लगाइ

तिमी र म एकै ठाउँ जाँदै थियौैं
तर हामी संगै थिएनौं

तिमी र म एकै शहरमा थियौैं
तर पनि संगै थिएनौं

त्यस्तो पहिले कहिल्यै भएको थिएन

मैले त निन्द्रामा  पनि तिम्रै नाम लिएँ रे

अनि मैले थाहा पाएँ

तिमीलाई गुमाउनलाई
निकै अगाडि देखि
रुखो बनाउन खोजेको
मेरो मनले त
मानेकै रहेनछ

तयारी त पुगेकै रहेनछ

(quoting bartika rai in title)

Saturday, April 22, 2017

I oughta

Leave the young thang alone
(But this heart aint no home)

- bill withers