Friday, July 6, 2018

Logic inversion

Behoshi ma hos ka
Tana bana bunne uni
Hos ma sadhain
Timrai yad ma
Behosh hunchhin


The terrifying sorrow
Of isolation
When i lose you
To vapours
Of your own making

Sunday, July 1, 2018

the night before

one tattoed a phoenix
on her wrist
one colored her hair
a burning pink
and one went on a
long long trip

the anxiety of the bride
who feels she has to do everything
before she ties the knot

Friday, June 15, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Just a couple of words

In hindsight
It might seem like nothing
I might gloss over it
If i want to

But i will remember
The trepidation
The heartbeats
The dizziness
And the weakness

The loving heart of

Another human being
Is our only refuge
In this sad, twisted world

Monday, June 11, 2018

peeling the layers

The day her engagement broke down she said
The stars must be against me
He violates me and will not even marry me

A month later if anyone asks her
if she is getting married she would say
I don't know anything about this
and look away, eyes focusing intently
on her fingernails

And still later, safe in the cocoon
of people who want the best for her
people who value justice
and progress and independence
she will say
how could i say no to the panchayat
how could i raise my voice
against that marriage,
heinous though it may be?
i want him to rot in jail
for ever and ever
this time her eyes fill to the brim with tears
she looks you straight in the eye

and someone may wonder
what she actually wants

while she is busy
fending away his face
from her dreams
thinking and re-thinking
the moment he entered her
trying to forget
the involuntary deluge
that rushed out of her
wondering why it happened
pretending it never happened
pushing it away when it intrudes
asking herself if it happened
because she let it
because she wanted it 

and one day she would burn
the diary where she had written
all about her desires

that was long before he forced his way
but they would never understand
and she, she will always keep quiet

because she cannot say she did not want it
for her heart would always question her
even if no one else did
and she cannot say that she wanted him
not that way

so she would always keep quiet
and say what they wanted to hear
i want him to rot in jail forever
because they wouldn't understand
anything else

and she would go back
and beat her head against the walls again
for letting it happen