Thursday, August 17, 2017

(Melo) Dramatic

When the golden red leaves of autumn
Fall around me
Tears spring to my eyes unexpectedly
I cannot take in so much
Beauty at once
Words catch at my throat as i wonder
If this is going to be the moment
I remember all my life

It's not though
Life catches tou unawares,
Without so much drama
And the moments you remember
Are ones you are not
Forewarned of

Saturday, August 12, 2017


We try lifelong
to emulate their grace
(seemingly effortless)

and still not reach
within an inch of it

My songs

And then I listen to it again
Again and again

Until I know every place
The lady in the background slips
Every place she tries to
Make up the words as she goes along
Every place she tries to rhyme
and fails

It's all the more beautiful
For being unpractised

(By the way I know by heart
every rise and fall
of the main singer's voice)

I wish I was that selfless

They say love is
making your loved one happy

They say love is
not about possession

I wish I was that selfless

My love is all about
Your presence in my life

Saturday, August 5, 2017

And when she wakes up

In the morning
She will want to talk,
To recount her dreams
To plan her day
To be asked if her silence
Is from nightnares
To have her dreamy eyes acknowledged
Her wandering hands rested
Her tremble comforted
And she will want, most of all
To hear from him

She is met with the same enthusiasm

Sometimes, with an indifference
That she will work hard to overlook
While seeming nonchalant about it
(Because he cannot know that she cares)

And sometimes,
She is met with a mobile phone
And she is still
Trying to learnt the etiquette of
Whether it's ok
To take it away and demand attention
Whether she should ask to be a part of it
Or whether she should go about her day
As if nothing unusual happened

A face that

At first glance
You might pass it up
As nothing of note
But one that
You come back to
Again and again
It had no flaws
To note

I trade

In tales