Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The glass ceiling

they say a  woman cannot break a glass ceiling.
that is not true.
because the ceiling is not made of glass.
if it was
i would sail through it
never mind a few scratches on my face
or the knuckles that may bleed from smashing it
but it isn't made of glass. 
it never is.
cement, maybe, 
sometimes wood (the hardest)
sometimes metal

but never, ever, of glass.

but when i was a child,
i too
thought it was made of glass
and time and again
tried to sail through it
only to batter my head against it
bruise it,
and fall back on earth
exhausted, weeping,
like an angel in those classic paintings
but unlike them,  
i will never have a redemption
unlike them,
am doomed
to walk forever with a broken spirit
sleepwalk, more like, 
with a wounded soul

because now i know
(too late)
that the glass i saw
was just a mirage

the jewelled ceilings:


  1. oo ceilings...oo ditee !
    just skiing through your blog, after a long.